Four Spaces was invented by five friends over a glass of wine. We talked about a common ambition: to make a contribution to society by driving and supporting initiatives that are focused on women’s development.

Soon we got to talking about how we each moved in a vibrant network of women. Imagine the opportunities that could be ignited by bringing those people together. And that’s how our events were born.

Jane Franklin Follow Jane on Twitter

When I was a child, at an air show, I approached the RAF stand and said I wanted to fly a harrier jump jet. ‘We don’t let ladies fly planes’ said the man looking down at me. It would be perfect if I could now say I do fly planes. Instead I’ve lived my life measuring it by fun, friends and family. Working in comms and digital strategy. Always with a passion for comedy, music, cheese, bubbly and social justice. I’m not trying to have it all but I might be trying to do it all. The time has come to try to make a difference. Go hard or go home!

Karen Drury Follow Karen on Twitter

I started my career in theatre, halls management and arts development, and then went into PR. I have a general PR background (and met the lovely Jane Franklin during this time), finally specialising in internal communication (20-odd years – some of them very odd indeed) and coaching. I advise on leadership and change and spend my life trying to get management to treat employees like adults. I’m married to Fiona and what spare time I have is spent writing, travelling, gardening and organising Four Spaces events.

Sarah Green Follow Sarah on Twitter

An impatient entrepreneur who started her career in exhibition organising in Russia in the 90’s.  I went from organising events in the USSR to web project management in the dot com boom and bust of 2000.  Anything new and innovative and I’m in there like a shot.  I’ve been running my own businesses since 2003 and I love getting involved with new initiatives and ideas.  My latest initiative has been motherhood and in my spare time I enjoy negotiating with a strong willed 2 year old and hanging out near building sites watching diggers with my 4 year old.  Rock and roll.

Helen Trim Follow Helen on Twitter

Thoroughly immersed in digital, I get a real buzz from understanding how new technology trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and the Collaborative Economy will impact our daily lives, our societies and the work place. Now I’m working in in a Silicon Valley-based company, I’m passionate about encouraging more women into tech – both as developers to address the inevitable bias that has crept into app / product development – and as entrepreneurs. To support my love of red wine, chocolate and sticky toffee pudding, you can find me trotting along at the back of numerous half marathons and being dragged through the mud at the odd Tough Mudder.

Sarah Bradbury Follow Sarah on Twitter

Sarah’s bio is coming soon…..