A leg up? – Four Spaces talks leadership for young women

pink boxing gloves

According to the Fawcett Society, only 26% of women are FSTE 100 board members.  Women make up only 10% of non-executive directors on boards. And occupational segregation is still common, with more than three-quarters of secretaries being female, while making up only 6% of the engineering population.

While this might still be the cause of some hand-wringing, there are women who are standing up to help women achieve the potential to which they aspire, regardless of the prevailing climate.

Enter Emma Sergeant, President of DAS, one of our fabulous speakers at who will talk about her company’s programme to offer guidance and support to young women who are on their leadership journey.

She recognises that this is not just about being the CEO – it’s about being who you have the potential to be, and at the Four Spaces Christmas Party on December 1st, she’ll provide insight from their internal research and share how Omniwomen was born and has evolved – now in its third year.

Emma will be joined by Charly Young, co-founder of The Girls Network, Four Spaces’ charity partner, Serena Kutchinsky, the digital editor of the New Statesman and the fabulous Joginders Supperclub.  The evening will also feature several One Minute Histories, provided by our guests – take part yourself or take a glimpse into some other fabulous women’s lives.


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