Brains or boobs? Four Spaces talks women in the media

media-1536741_1280Although the days of regular Page 3’s may be behind us – at least as far as the print edition of the Sun goes – the online version endures with boobs and vacuous pouts.  Given a media often more interested in what female politicians wear than the policies they make, is working as a journalist really a good career for women? Is there a peculiar tension that exists between giving a potentially sexist audience what they want to maintain revenue, and employing the best and the brightest women?

And while noises coming out of the US are alarming enough, with potential repeal of abortion laws on the agenda, perhaps as interesting is the role of the wife in the White House.  Melania Trump is not the only woman in recent history to be called on to defend the indefensible behaviour of her powerful husband, but where does that leave the rest of us? Michelle Obama pleaded with the US not to vote for Trump because it validated the way in which women could be treated.  So what does the election of Donald Trump mean for women of the US and even here? Or is it too soon to tell?

Serena Kutchinsky, New Statesman’s digital editor may have some pointers. At the Four Spaces Christmas Party on December 1st, she’ll talk about how she got into journalism and consider the way the media discusses women – inside and outside of the US election.

Serena has more than ten years’ experience in digital media. Her previous experience has included stints as digital editor at Newsweek Europe (where traffic to the website improved by almost 250 percent), Prospect Magazine and as assistant editor at the digital edition of the Sunday Times.  She’s also a regular contributor to Sunday Papers Live.

Serena will be joined by Charly Young, co-founder of The Girls Network, Four Spaces’ charity partner, Emma Sergeant, Chair of Omniwoman, a women’s global network group and the fabulous Joginders Supperclub.  The evening will also feature several One Minute Histories, provided by our guests – take part yourself or take a glimpse into some other fabulous women’s lives.

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