Four reasons why you should come to our Christmas party

We’re out of the blocks and tickets are selling fast for the Four Spaces Christmas party on December 1st. So if you haven’t bought yours yet, here are four reasons why you should.

One: sow some seeds of inspiration

You can be sure that we’ll spark some new thinking you can incubate over Christmas and that just might shape your 2017. Or at least give your brain cells a run for their money.

Two: take a glimpse into others’ lives

We have such a range of women – guests, speakers and sponsors – at our events you never know who you’ll meet or the opportunities you’ll create. Our open atmosphere is about sharing and learning – people loved that honesty and passion and let us know.

Three: share your story

Our One Minute Histories are fast, fun and another highlight of our events. Take to the floor for 60 seconds. Your brief is to wow, inspire or challenge. And quiz our speakers after.

Four: taste something new

We will tempt you with innovative seasonal food, soft drinks and wine.

We’ll be the most intellectually stimulating Christmas do you’ll go to this year, so kick off the party season with us.

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