Bringing home cooked organic Punjabi street food to London’s food lovers – Joginder’s Supperclub

2016-06-10-PHOTO-00000008We are very excited to tell you about Joginder’s Supperclub – a fabulous mother and daughter food start-up which is supporting the inaugural Four Spaces event and hopefully many more.

We love the Joginder’s Supperclub story, a business built out of a passion for hospitality, great food and meeting new people. We love their food too which you can experience for yourselves on the 30th.

Joginder’s Supperclub is one of London’s original underground restaurants offering a unique dining experience. Guests enjoy a sumptuous nine course Punjabi supper, socialise and meet new people in mother and daughter team Rani and Saira’s Tufnell Park home. Seven years down the line Rani and Saira’s innovative take on North Indian street food is available across London: Tufnell Park, Covent Garden, Chelsea and Spitalfields.

After cooking their traditional North Indian Punjabi food for family and friends for many years, as well as catering for people in Tufnell Park, Rani and Saira decided to open their home to guests. In October 2009 Joginder’s Supperclub was born.

New guests and regulars who return year after year sit around a candlelit library table  enjoying course after course of fresh organic local produce. The menu is an ever changing selection of Punjabi dishes inspired by Ma Rani’s mother – the eponymous Joginder.

The Supperclub has gone from strength to strength. To meet the demand, in 2015, daughter Saira gave up her job at the England and Wales Cricket board to concentrate on their food business full time.

Joginder’s Supperclub, firmly rooted in North London, is now expanding across the city. The team supplies artisan samosas and gluten free Punjabi street food to local North London delicatessens and food shops and is a regular at their local Tufnell Park food market. But their innovative and fresh street food can now also be found at Startisans in Covent Garden, Partridges market in Chelsea and Spitalfields market.


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