Launching Four Spaces – our first event

It’s hard to believe that we are now only 30 days away from our first Four Spaces event – 30th June 18.45 to 20.00 in central London.

This first event will give our guests a taste of the Four Spaces concept. They will get to hear thought provoking stories from the front line of the Police and Amnesty International. Taste fabulous food from innovative start ups. Meet some amazing women. We hope guests will share their stories too. We hope this free event will leave guests inspired – all we ask is that guests take part and let us know how to improve.

Four Spaces is a fresh take on the tired world of networking for women. It’s great but rare to feel that spark of recognition as you realise you share an interest with someone. Four Spaces is about accelerating that shared experience.

Our events feature four experiences that guests move between. Learning, participating, tasting or trying something new themed around our categories of Heads, Hearts, Hands, Histories.

Everyone can take part but we will always find astonishing speakers and session leaders who will excite and inspire.

Our first event will give a flavour of what Four Spaces can be. But we hope our guests will help us build on our great idea, giving us feedback to make it even better and – we hope – becoming fellow founding members.

If you would like to take part, please register for our event here.



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