7 signs that show you have fallen out of love with your business

We start off, best foot forward, full of inspiration and aspiration.  But the path of the self employed business entrepreneur is not always filled with highs and amazing success.

Sometimes it’s just a slog and there are times when you really do question whether you have made the right choice to work for yourself.

Someone who knows the highs and lows all too well is Sarah Green, who has been running her own businesses since 2003.  These are her top seven signs that it might be time to re-evaluate your money making strategy.

1.       You have a sinking feeling when you wake up.

2.       You just can’t get motivated by anything – everything feels like a chore.

3.       You are looking longingly at people with ‘real’ jobs, who go into offices and are paid a wage.

4.       You take it one step further and start looking for a ‘real’ job.

5.       A friend recommends that you read ‘The Dip’ by Seth Godin and most of it resonates with you.

6.       Your clients/customers irritate you.  A lot.  By giving you business.

7.       All you want to do is finish that box set you started the other night.

If this sounds like you, what should you do next? Is it time to call a friend, call a broker, reach for the wine or all three?

I‘d love to hear how you’ve dealt with it?

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